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Green Bass│10 pieces

Green Bass│10 pieces

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Validity period: October 24, 2027

Extremely thin, suitable for joints


This product is made from a variety of plant extracts and essential oils, combined with the latest scientific and technological methods. It is characterized by strong stickiness, good stretchability, continuous cooling and no pungent smell. It is ideal for sports, after labor, and for walking. A must-have product for home travel.

【Main ingredients】

White flower extract, 1 root extract (broad-leaf soybean), refined fennel essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, peppermint leaf extract, wintergreen essential oil, patch base.


Cool, soothing and relaxing.


Can be applied to shoulders, neck, waist, back, joints, or any area where you want relief.


  1. Do not use on areas with abnormal skin (wounds, eczema, skin inflammation).
  2. If your skin becomes swollen, inflamed or otherwise abnormal when using this product, you should stop using it immediately and consult a professional physician.
  3. Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children to avoid accidental ingestion.
  4. Children under two years old must consult a physician or pharmacist for use.
  5. For those with sensitive skin, please do a small area skin sensitivity test before use.

【Responsible manufacturer】

Ruiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 89, Fuyang North Street, Chaozhou Town, Pingtung County

Consumer service hotline: 08-7889043

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